Good Bye 2011

Here  I am at 5.00 AM sitting in my couch doing nothing. and then I relize… hi, I need to blog once a day without fail, so here goes my last blog in 2011. When you are going to close your chapter in live what you are going to do…? In my case, I look back and see what have I achieved  and what I am going to do next year. this is about something that I personally achieved.

  • This blog is up and running, indeed it is a very easy target to have
  • Last year I want to have my income increase by 25% but this year only 10%. Still thank you for that
  • Did I make new friends…? not much really, may be because I am an introvert…
  • From 5 kgs weight lost planned last year, only 2 kgs
  • New places… I really have to admit… no new places… what a pathetic life you may say
  • Being students, I gain a lot of new knowledge something that I really enjoy
  • Love life…. sorry, not much happening, same old same… not boring but ok… ;)
  • Saving, I will say good… I can save some this year and invest it in property and stock market (BTW in stock market I got negative return..:( )
  • Happiness: I would say 75 out of 100

So that is some of my achievements, I think this is a good time for you to look back and see what you have achieved so far. So good bye 2011, will post what will I do in the 2012 tomorrow

Ciao for now

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