Bring 2012 on…!

Yes yes… today is the first day of 2012… how exciting… but this year will be the end of humanity as some predicted, but I just start blogging its not fair.. :)

Anyway, now after 14 days of blogging I think I can go further. At first it is bit discouraging to see that there is no visitors coming to your blog but having one yesterday make comment, really lift up your spirit, I would have kissed him if I could.. :)

I can tell you what is like blogging without visitor… it is like you have a house and nobody around… the good thing is… you can get naked without afraid of somebody watching, it is good feeling I tell you.. :D. Now when you start to have visitors, its like you hosting a party, your house will open 24/7 for a guest to come by. It is also a good thing… so either way, it good for me. that is why I love blogging, I started late though, but it is OK.

Anyway what is up for 2012:

  • Keep blogging in  a good time and bad (one day one post), its kind of 365 project
  • Have another blog about automotive but I do not know if I have time for that
  • Expect more variety of blog post, not only about saving, investment and blogging, but it will still within enjoying life without spending a fortune topi
  • I will accept guest post, so if you want to post here in english or Bahasa Indonesia, feel free I will post it
  • I will guest post in other blog if you accept guest in your blog
  • Expect more post in English… lagi belajar soalnya, jadi sekalian diterapkan.. :)

I think that is all I can think of now, so if you want to get updated, you can either:

  1. Check this blog everyday (come on… its easier to read than write :))
  2. Subscribe to this blog, just click the “follow” button on the upper right of this blog
  3. Follow me on twitter

Either way subscribe or not I will still love you all

Thanks for visiting, have a great 2012 every one… Ciao for now..

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