Sosial Media: If you can meet in person, it is thousand times better

It’s always good to see some one new not from your daily crowd, it gives you new perspective on things, anythings. Yesterday I met someone interesting who built his personal brand from nothing (no one knew) to someone known as a person who can help you or your organization to develop creative ideas, that I already follow in social media for long time.

During our conversation, lots of new ideas I would like to adopt and it gives me a new energy to try new things. I can start with building my personal brand here… What I want to be known as and how to achieve it… really fresh ideas..

Social media give us chance to meet and engage with very interesting people, someone new, someone with completely different mind set. You can follow them and they may be follow you back, but nothing nothing beats the intensity of the discussion if you meet them in person. it thousand times better I can tell you

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