Financial Target

Lets talk about target, I mean financial target, what is your company target for this year… If your company target is below 6%, congratulation… enjoy your holiday. Most company will aim for more than inflation. Most of the company in Indonesia now aiming 15% increase compare to last year, even some companies are very aggressive in setting their target I heard 25% is common for a growing industry.

Now lets forget about the company target, how about your personal financial target, never thought about it huh..? how much you plan to get it for this year…? As for myself I aim for 20%. Hei if my company is very aggressive in setting up their target why can’t I. Where do I get it.. just like company I need to set up plan to achieve it… here it goes:

  • 10% from the company (yearly increase)
  • 5% from my stock performance
  • Another 5% from other business. I buy and sell cars, and properties and anything that I can trade when the opportunity arise.

So yea that is the plan…  it might change along the way but its OK, its part of the plan… :) Just for fun of it, I will update you with the actual result… stay tune…

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