The Most Expensive item that I ever bought for myself

I have bought many things (toys) in my life, now I wonder what is the most expensive item I ever bought. I bought cars, Cameras, fishing rods, fancy knives, diving equipment etc you name it. Many are expensive in terms of total value, cars would likely to be the winner. But what if the measurement is Rp/kg… now, the less expensive but smaller items will have a chance to be the most expensive item.

Come to think of it, I strongly believe that the most expensive item I ever bought is a pen…! Yes a bloody fountain pen. It’s a Montblanc Meisterstuck 149. I really obsessed with it, its beautiful, it has history and I like writing (although not writing a novel), I think this expensive fountain pen is suitable to remind me to keep writing. I am saving long enough to get this beauty. It cost me around Rp. 8 million for item weighted only few hundred grams.

BTW, the Meisterstuck means masterpiece, and it really live up to his name, very smooth, very good quality, it’s the best writing instrument I ever had. If you want to buy one item from Montblanc, this is the item, forget the wrist watch, forget the other pen, forget all other thing… this is the one.   here is the picture of the beauty. 

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