Is analog Photography dead…?

Yes.. but not extinct… may be in thousand years but not now. Yes the strong defender of analog Photography (Kodak) is dead.. Yes Fuji seems doesn’t care about analog business anymore and put most of the resources in Digital photography. Yes analog photography seems like having a bleak future.

Look at the radio business, they seems almost go belly up when television came, but yet they still with us today,  Look at the news paper… they still with us today even internet hurt their margin to almost zero…

No.. they will not go away, when you lose most of your customers you left with the loyalist, the die hard, some one who swear by your name… that is your real defender… question is how to stay in a business where you become a niche product. Market change from commodity to niche… it scare people like hell, it scare me…

I personally love analog photography… I will still doing it… true, its become hard to get the film and processing it, but whoever (be it store or manufacturer) who can provide the means to continue my hobby, they will become my very close friends.

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