DropBox experience

I am a DropBox user and I would like to thank them for developing this cool and FREE application that for few times it already helps me in few difficult situatios.

If you are currently do not have DropBox account, I suggest you to have it…  now..! :)  No harm trying it and I guarantee sooner or later you will thank them for having the Drop Box account. There are several same services, but for me, Drop box is the easiest to use. If I can use it, I am sure you can easily use it too..

These are my personal experience using DropBox which help me in everyday life:

  • Before having drop box account, I have to bring home office notebook or pocket hard drive to be able to work everywhere. Not anymore, my personal laptop now fully synced to office laptop, so I can go home early and continue to work at home.
  • In few occasions my office computer crashed, DropBox is a  life saver
  • Sometimes clients ask me to send file in odd hours or during weekend, no way I can send it trough 3G internet, the size is just too big to handle. I send the link and they can download it. Note: Always ask to client if it is ok to download the file from outside network. After they download the file close the shared link for security purpose.
  • Sharing file with colleagues for a project or task is very easy… if you are student, have one shared folder for all colleagues, upload today’s class note to the shared folder, everyone will now have the note

If you want to have a dropbox  account, you can click here. Note: If you join them by clicking this link, I will get additional 500megs, and so are you…  we both win. But I understand that not all comfortable giving others additional benefit.. in that case you can go to www.dropbox.com and set up an account, both of us will not get additional 500 megs.

Here is video on what dropbox is…

I will say it again, thank you DropBox …

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