Corruption in Indonesia by @triomacan2000

Thanks to Social media, we can share anything to anyone. If you dare enough, you can use your real name and bio, but to share sensitive information you can use any name you like.

One of the thing that are very sensitive to share is corruption, which Indonesia is very well known for it. Although we, Indonesian, are not very proud of it, almost all leaders in Indonesia have their “unfair share” doing it, The corruption penetrated very deep and wide, it runs wild in gov. bodies, police, law makers, state owned banks you name it.

Herwithe I would like to introduce you a twitter account dedicated to share a very sensitive information on Indonesia’s corruption: @triomacan2000 . He shares many thing, his source seems to be valid, he even shares names without bothering to hide it under acronym. It has been few cases that the information has proved to be very accurate.

I start following this account since his his follower is still 7.000 now more than 50.000. Until now, he seems true to what he wrote in his/her bio, no affiliation to certain party or political group, seems that no one pay him to share the information etc. I thank him for the information he shared, hence I help him trough this blog to get more followers.

I have no affiliation with him whatsoever, I do not even know he is he or she, id like to keep it that way. the person is not important, the information that is matter to us.  I share his frustration with regard to corruption in Indonesia.

You can see his shared information in here:!/TrioMacan2000/favorites


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