One other tips to sleep better

How many hours you need to sleep in a day..? I find it it all depends…

  • Depends on the age, younger need more time to sleep
  • Depend on the activities, harder means more time needed to sleep
  • Health: you need more time to rest if you are ill
  • and a lot of others

Normally I find 5-6 hours is a normal sleeping time during the night. The quality of sleeping though may vary. In some occasions even though I sleep 6-7 hours, but worrying about something that might happen tomorrow, I feel like its still not enough…. Lots of tips to have better sleeping quality. Allow me to add one more:

Have a pen and paper, or any gadget for easy writing to do list ready beside you: If I worried about something say: I may mistakenly send my invoice to wrong clients. write it down in to do list that I will check and amend the invoice tomorrow.

The idea is to move any negative thoughts from your head to piece of paper or electronic device. And then, you can sleep with the only positive thoughts… hope it helps


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