Are we over fed…?

I consider myself as part of the middle class group in Indonesia. I also consider myself as overweight group in this part of this country. I weight about 15 kgs more than ideal and I am not alone.. :).

The easy way to know you are overweight or not  you can check it out here: using this tool, I am beyond overweight… I am obese :)

When I think again,  my diet is way out of proportion to be called a healthy diet. Let’s see what I eat yesterday:

  • Breakfast : Rice + two eggs + shredded meat (yes two eggs)
  • Lunch : Wendys Paket 2 ( two pieces chicken + Coke + Rice )
  • Dinner : Rice + Semur daging + some veggies
  • Afternoon break : Bakso (meat balls)
  • Night: Canned beverage

Now that is more than 2000 Cal I think, need to change the life style immediately otherwise I seriously shorten my life expetancy…


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