Is it OK to have Jobs that we do not like..?

The answer may be yes…

At first, we do not know our passion when we are young. We like partying a lot, will that make a body guard, dancers, DJ in night club your dream job? May be not right…?

Personal motivators always say that we should find our passion first. I agree but disagree, finding passions is not easy especially for the young, what we like to do it is not necessarily our passion, may be just our temporary hobby.

The older we are, the wiser we are, we start to realize what we want to do with the life… and we can start to choose our suitable job. Some of us may  already stuck, some of us can change the job we wanted, some succeeded, some not… something that we should not worry about it for now.

So my advise is: If you need a job and have a chance to grab one, just take it. We can find our passion around it later… or just try another job later.

Cheers for now

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