I start Investing in Stock Today

English: Phillippine stock market board

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I do not know if this is possible.. I want to have my first US$100.000 or 1 billion rupiahs in two years. One of the thing that I can do is to invest (or gamble depend on how you see it) on Stock Market… The market has been discounted quite deep (compare to few months a go) I think it is time to buy some stocks

Here is what I bought so far:

  • TLKM  bought it at 7.450
  • BUMI bought it at 1.810
  • BBRI Bought it at 6.000

I spread it equally, around Rp. 50 mio each let see how this Investment grow (or shrink)… :D. Why I chose this stock for my portfolio:

TLKM: simply because telkom is very generous to give the dividend and it is too big to fail. This year they give around 360 per share or almost 5% per year. I do not know why still declining, but I like it and I buy it, I will keep it as long as they give a good dividend.

BUMI: This is a stock that can make you rich or poor in short time… very volatile, you know it is one of the Bakrie’s group… not for the fainted heart. I bought it because it is quite cheap now, I am sure it can’t go much lower than this.

BBRI: Hei.. this is my favorite stock, its is a huge Bank, profitable, have good foundation, and now it is quite cheap… what is not to like about this stock…  I almost bought it with all my money but I remember wise man say… don’t put your egg on one basket…

So there you go my portfolio, with little knowledge that I have I pick those stock.. any comment on my  selection???


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