1001 ways to earn money

I think I will lose my job few weeks ago, Thanks God is not happening, however I start thinking some options, what will I do if that really happened… to my surprise I have a lot of options

  • Sell our physical capabilities to earn some money… i.e : Labor (selling strength), Prostitute (ups.. ) selling.. you know… :)
  • Selling my time (not so much of a strength but lot of time)…Become Sales, Barista, store keeper, office executives etc
  • Selling my expertise : like consultant helping others to achieve their goals
  • Selling talent : Singer, painter etc
  • or… become entrepreneur… Selling yours and others capabilities

The above is just rough idea to what we can do outside current job… problem is : its is wild jungle out there, we are creature of comfort, do not want to try unless we get certain benefit…

Now my pledge to you is… I will start try to explore options outside current job, if something unavoidable happened, I will be half ready and not start from Zero.. And I suggest you to do the same (if you not already doing it)…

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