How to shop cheaper and get the most out of it

This tips may be not suitable for the fashion-ista out there but works charmingly for me and most probably for you as well.

Rule 1. : Find time where there is thematic discount, like  for example: Jakarta great sale, end of season sale, after Christmas sale. Specific store sale may be a good idea too like Mango, Zara sale etc… I will personally suggest to avoid midnight sale, unless you do not mind to wrestle hard.

Rule 2. : Discount 20% or less is not a discount, that is regular price, if you don’t get 20% discount, it means you paying a premium price.

Rule 3. :  Selecting model is probably not an option, they may be outdated 1-2 years behind current model, that is fine unless you are celebrity or very rich man, being main stream or laggard is a good way to have a cheaper options.

Rule 4. :  the way to shop…: go to the highest discount, find the size that fits you and pay, regardless the model, believe me the model will be likely still on the mainstream if it is outdated 1-2 years. If you can’t find the size fits you, move to the next next store or lower discount.

I am using this technique and get 50% discount or more for my shoes, jeans, clothes, bags etc.  If I want to be a little bit up to date, 30% discount is OK too…  I change my shoes and tuxedo set roughly once a year,  pants and clothes every 3-6 months.

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