How Submissive Country We Are

I watched an economic debate on TV the other day, I just can not believe that we, as independent and free country, has been following orders from other countries on what to do at the cost of our benefit.

Let’s just take one example… Loan..! Other countries is trying to feed us loan with very high interest even if we do not need it. Using Kwik Kian Gie word, for more than 30 years, we have been forced to take high interest loan that we do not need.

The worst is,  the loan is not called loan… it called as “pemasukan untuk pembangunan”, it is plain Bull Shit to deceive Indonesian. No multiplier effect from the loan to build this country, it is to subsidize the consumption.

There are lots of other examples, it seems that our leaders is actually working for the benefit of other country, not for us..! It is very sad, not sure why, but I think our leaders just do not have confidence talking to their counterpart at equal footing.

Again its just sad to have leaders with a very submissive mentality… Don’t they know that we have freedom since 1945..?


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