To couples out there.. why we envy each other..?

FreedomIt started when @5era sent me this quote:

When you’re single, all you see is happy couples. When you’re in a relationship, all you see is happy singles

I am like…. “whoa… really..?” Is being couple is not what most of us want..?

But yes, singles can do anything they want (relatively) without  much of consideration or responsibility compare to couples, Singles have more “freedom” as we put it.

Well, couples have had their “freedom”, but it does not mean that couples giving up all of the  “freedom”by being couple,  only some… like for example: dating as many girls as we want, or get drunk every night etc etc….  But it doesn’t mean that they can not do things like vacation, hang out, clubbing etc.. all is still a fair game to do by couples

But let’s talk about Freedom, which singles seems enjoying it so much… but is it..?  I am sure couples remember it well (or rather too well)… that “freedom” the singles have, is an  “empty” one… Despite singles can do a lot of  “stupid” things, deep inside we all know that  something is missing… yes… we feel it deep inside, that we miss our other significant half.

That is why singles have long and endless journey to find the missing piece. a very stressful process I might add… May be they find the right one… maybe they find the wrong one, or may be they will never find one… but all in all, if I have to choose… I will definitely want to have someone beside me to share the laugh and the tears..

I will probably envy the singles again…  but I always can say.. “been there done that bro… enjoy being jomblo…”  :D.

Jakarta: 3rd day of fasting month

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