I am Into airgun Hobby now.. :)

Let’s have a break from the politic noise for a bit.. and talk about my new hobby.. :).  I am starting my new hobby which is air gun… After few weeks looking and trying some airgun type and reading lots of blog and article about airgun, I have few conclusion on what air gun I am going to get..

1. It should be a spring air rifle

I have tried many PCP air gun, from very expensive one (Feinwerkbau, EV2, Steyr etc)  and Locals made by Indonesian in Cipacing … They are really great, I mean Greeeaaat… I can shoot relatively small diameter in 50 meters, it smooth its crisp, its very acurate… but… it is boring as hell… the kind of feeling that you succeeded every time you try… 10 years kid will be able to do it.. :).

I also tried spring air rifle… this rifle has completely different attitude… its kicking, its spitting, and there is a good chance that t will bite and amputate your finger if you are not careful… but that kind of attitude challenge me… its like you have to break a wild horse.. :), so yea this is the airgun for me.

2. It should be fixed barrel

Simply for the accuracy… not that break barrel not accurate, but I find the fixed barrel will eliminate the chance of barrel droop

3. It should be high quality

After so many article reading… my choice come to only two brands… HW77 and TX200 make III. But I do not know where to buy those two… I went to pasar baru and they have few stock brand new HW77… but my best friend told me that HW77 in pasar baru is already tampered, the change the spring, change the stock etc… and its very expensive too… My choice would be TX200 if I can get one and second choice is HW77…. nothing else..!

this is HW77

And this is TX200

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