Do you need a permit (license) to have an airgun – Part 1

If you live in Indonesia… the answer is… unfortunately : “YES..!” due to the recent change in the Police regulation which just recently passed.  Now we need to have a special licence for all airgun.. I mean for ALL TYPE OF AIRGUN regardless the caliber… that includes:

  • Spring air gun
  • PCP airgun
  • Handpump Airgun
  • AirSOFTgun

Not sure why police now want to regulate 4.5mm (0.177 inch), and it is very confusing how to get the licence, I heard here and there, some says it will be very difficult and some says it will be very easy… I plan to get the licence of my new airgun, and I will update you for this…

As to why the police now regulate the airgun, I think I have pretty good idea about it… they are so paranoid because the airgun (mostly replica) can be used to scare people and use it for crime… that is why Airsoftgun also being regulated now…

Despite their best intention, I think this will potentially kill the hobby, sport and industry… and some police already use the confusion to make the case… I am sure they will take bribe too… look here how they pose like a boss after raiding airsoftgun store…

will update you on this later… Cheers fornow

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