Airgun: Tuning HW77

My airgun fever will probably not ended very soon… in fact is getting acute now.. :). After using my HW77 for about 2000 pellets (past of break ins period), I am pretty pleased with performance. It can be considered as quite accurate with RWS Superdome or Crosman Premier 7.9. in multi range sillhouette target, I can knock down around 8-10 target, its not bad..! But I want more..! :D.

As you may aware that springers are very well known for its recoil and twang, HW77 is no exception, although it is quite managable… I heard I can tune it even better. So with the help of Google, I learn many brands of tuning kit and read their reviews and even learn how can I tune it myself.. :). You can have tuning kits below (on the order from the most expensive to the least expensive):

There are others but I just listed down three Tune Kits above. Both Vmach and Vortex are well known, and always have good review, Target Tunes have mixed review, but when you really read the review it is mostly down to the communication and also longer shipping time, but not much of the product quality…

So with a cheaper shipping option and cheaper price and seems very good product, I choose Target tunes India to by my HW77 tuning kit, I ordered the full power kit (its probably other way of saying FAC kit). And the product arrived 14 days later… I do not mind waiting if I got a good product at cheaper price.. :). Inspecting the product, I do not know about Vmach and Vortex, but Target tunes product seems good quality…

Interesting things is… although the shipping cost is fixed $3, no way you can ship this product at $3 using registered mail… I am pretty sure target tune is subsidizing the shipping cost… because they subsidizing it, they will choose the cheapest option. This will be a major pain for someone who not patient enough.

Installing the Kits

Now installing the tuning kits.. there are a lot of video and step by step dismantling HW77 so I am not repeat it here… but few picts for you on the tune kits installation

The tune kits consist of..: (taken from their website)

Dismantling HW77

Do not dismantling HW77 without This tool (trekker)

Dismantling HW77 2

See the spring pre-load..? without the trekker it will be quite dangerous..

Comparison Original spring and guide (without top Head) and Tuning kits (with top head), the original guide seems fit quite OK, I wonder what brass guide will make any difference

Spring end… original and tune kit…


This tune kits comes with one blue piston seal, to my surprise it does not fit to the compression chamber… my HW77 was made in 2005 so it should be 26mm. I did measure the blue seal though it is indeed 26 mm… do I get 25mm compression chamber built in 2005? or may be because my HW77 is still new so it is very tight fit. Have no chance measuring the chamber now, I will later… for now I am using original seal which is still in good condition.


Boy… when they said full power tune kit, they mean it… crosman premier 7.9 pellets go supersonic… may be because detonation (I did not clean the chamber thoroughly). The twang is much less but recoil still there (you can not fully eliminate it though). The cocking effort bit heavier compare to previous set up… in terms of power, it probably reached 18fpe.. will borrow chronograph later to confirm this…

Iam not power hungry, actually I want to have 15fpe or max 16 fpe, my ideal set up would be crosman premier or superdome at 900 fps with smoother recoil, lighter cocking effort and twang free… Target tunes recommend to take out the top head… will do later, after checking the accuracy of this set up…

Stay tuned (pun intended) cherio for now… :)


    1. I did… it comes with lube in small (eye contact lense) container clearly labeled for spring and the seal and applied it accordingly. I did not clean the piston and the compression chamber though… cheers

        1. Brass sheet is also installed accordingly… the installation will be in this following order: brass washer>>brass sheet >> Plastic top hat >> spring >> spring guide… cheers

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