In search of the best pellet for full power tuned HW77

After tuning my HW77 by replacing its spring, spring guide, added top head and sleeve… The power seems significantly increase… but as you might aware, the power means nothing if it is not accurate / precise. Now I have chance to try my Tuned HW77 in shooting range to see if the accuracy is the same before tuned.

First of all, this is the accuracy at 27 meters using Crosman premier 7.9 gr , let’s use it as the base or bench mark, BTW the coin is exactly 1 inch diameter

I bought JSB sampler pellets to see if one of them will perform good in this test… but before JSB, lets try the crosman premier 7.9 to see if this is still having a good group as above… and here is the result.

Nope… Crosman Premier 7.9 is not as good as the pre-tune HW77 (tried few times the result is the similar) , this probably due to the faster speed and make the pellet unstable… now what next..? lets try something bit heavier… the RWS Superdome 8.4 gr… and the result is..:

Nope the result is also not good, its even more than 1 inch using RWS superdome… is it too fast..? I do not have chrono so I can not measure… lets put something Heavy then.. Baracuda Match 4.51 10.65 gr and the result is…:

Better but there is one flier make the group bigger than one inch… it is time to open the JSB sampler… lets start with JSB exact 4.52 (JSB exact 4.51 is so bad it is not worth to mention here) and see how it grouped… here they are..

Meh… not good at all… lets try JSB exact 4.53 and JSB express… and here it goes

Yeay… finally we have 1 inch group… JSB exact 5.3 but JSB express is not good, but that is not good enough for HW77… but at least I know that the tuned HW77 will like heavier pellets and bigger diameter… now my only hope is JSB exact heavy 4.52 10.3gr

Hey whats that… its mickey mouse… :D, Finally I found “one holer” pellet that is suitable for Full power tuned HW77, Fiuh… the search is over..this is the one… will it be temporary? will it be permanent? I do not know.. but for now, I am happy to settle with this one… tried few times.. the result is the same..

That its folks…moral of the story is… if we want to have accuracy, we need to try few pellets to find the best pellet for our airgun… Cherio for now…


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