Update tuning HW77 after 500 pellets

Now the gun is already past 500 pellets after the full power tune, this is what happened:

  1. The vibration (twang) is back quite noticable… not sure what happened, should I dismantle it to check if something is broken..?
  2. A lot of dieseling on the first 100 pellets… that is explain a lot faster velocity for the crosman premier 7.9 gr, after dieseling subsided the gun is no longer like the JSB exact heavies, it prefers Crosman premier 7.9 again…! :)
  3. The velocity is still higher compare to the pre-tune, I notice a flatter trajectory compare to pretune…
  4. Still cock harder than pre-tune.

Now, if I have stop now… my recommendation for this target tunes kit is good to improve hunting capabilities of HW77. Not for FT due to the twang or vibration is still quite noticeable.

Yesterday my friend borrow this gun for dove hunting (legal hunting), he got few of them…if you not into hunting please do not click this… graphic image. For the record, I prefer birds to live and sing, but I am not anti (sensible and responsible) hunting…

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