Do I need expensive stuff..?

I am just rambling here so not sure if this would be good to anyone.. but anyway.. this site is about how to survive without a lot of money.. Gadeblazz is means “have no money” so the question above will certainly easily “No” using that perspective.

But to be honest, that is not an easy answer… some products are meant to be expensive, some are over price and some is just a hot air expensive… let say you want to buy sound system… there are loads of option out there… from very cheap to extra  expensive… there must be reasons why some products are cheap and why some are very expensive.

From my experience in buying things.. :) I can see that: up to a point… the increasing in price will not necessarily inline with the improvement in the performance..

Look at bicycle for example, there are huge different in terms of quality from $400 and $1.000 one. From the weight alone, it will probably have a massive 10kgs difference. But what you will get from US$ 1.000 to $2.000 bicylcle… the weight reduction may be around 4kg only… and from US$2.000 to $4.000 may be around few grams weight reduction… more finesse more smooth I am sure but the difference is not as staggering as from $400 to $1000 bicycle.

My point is… although we probably do not need to buy the most expensive item, we need to decide the line at what quality we can accept, personally or socially. That is the key point and it is not always easy…

NO… Actually that is not the point.. the whole point is… CAN WE AFFORD IT.. ?, nothing is expensive if you can afford it.. period.. If you can not afford it, then the above may be relevant to you.. :)

Cherio from Jakarta

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