It does not matter if you are NOT good at it..!

But it does matter if you are enjoying it… I can say that I love photography, but I can’t say that I am good at photography. I probably will never take picture that I can sell, but that is OK… I enjoy taking picture… and I have decent cameras and lenses

May sense of art is weak… I spend many many hours reading, taking photography class and trying to implement everything I learn but the result will way far behind other photographer who took picture with much inferior gear.

I am still taking pictures although I know I am not good at it, simply because I am enjoying it. Knowing this is actually is a good thing… because it gives me no pressure, I am taking a picture, because I like it, not because I do it for somebody else, nor the money, not the fame… just for me

Moral of the story is.. do not stop doing what you like even if people other than you, think it waste of your time… it is your time not theirs, enjoy every moment of it.. !

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