Can you really make money by blogging..?

Good news is : Yes you can..! but bad news is: Not that easy.. :).

I just want to share my experience using this blog to make money…

This blog is up and running starting first of January.. It is already one year of blogging. By may 2012, the word-ad was approved so I can start making money by adding advertising in this blog.. it is a revenue sharing with I find it it is a win-win situation where I can blog for free, and also have a chance to get some money, while wordpress will put advertising link in my blog and they will get money too.

I want to share how much I get from this blog, may be you can give me idea to make it better, or you can learn from it too… first here is my stat during this year:


As you can see this blog is not too shabby right… 20 thousand views in one year,  the highest is one thousand views in one day… I think this  blog gets around 1000 views per month. So how much do I got from this blog..? Here you go… drum roll please.. :)


As you can see, over the course of 6 months this blog generated US$ 1.72 and worpress will only pay me if the amount is US$100. Now to get US$100, using this current rate, I will receive my first cheque after 50 years.. :D.

But that is OK, I am blogging not for the money though, so I will still blogging regardless what hope this will be useful for all of us

Cherio for now and Have a Merry Christmas Everyone…

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