Airgun: Hunting with HW77 – contain graphic image

After few times I visited local range, few of airgun friends ask me to join squirrel hunting.. at first I hesitate because I don’t really into hunting, I prefer them to live and coexist with us, but they convinced me that squirrel is becoming a big problem (pest) in the coconut plantation somewhere in W. Java. So I will not do any harm taking out few of them and I will actually help the coconut farmer. It seems legit and correct according to definition of “pest”,  I finally agree to join in the hunting trip.

It was Saturday very early morning we start the trip which took about 4 hours to get there.  When we arrived in the location, just like described, the plantation is heavily infested by squirrels, I can see a lot of squirrel running around above the coconut trees and I also can see the damage they have done, a lot of the coconut on the ground with a big hole in it.

Trying to be sensible and responsible hunter, I will limit myself to get around 7 squirrels, enough for dinner of three,  two-three times.. :). So I set up my HW77, take few zeroing shot (also a good practice to wake up the seal) and make sure everything is OK.

Despite a lot of squirrels, I can not take a good aim to one of them let alone hit it.. it is big difference with aiming metal target… This squirrel is so active and won’t stand still,  it is very difficult to get a good clean kill.

After few hours have no luck of trying, I almost give up and call it a day, one of my friend came and check my rifle… he immediately laughing out loud and call me all words that I can not mention here.. :)

Berburu bajingHe said.. “No wonder you can not take aim… 10X magnification is too high for squirrel hunting, reduce it down to 4 X magnification and see it your self”… True enough, with 4X magnification I can follow the squirrel movement, and they always pause for 2-3 second after running, may be they catch the breadth or checking the environment.. that is our chance to pull the trigger..

Got the first squirrel at 11AM and later by the end of the day I got few more… but I notice one squirrel is different… the local call it “Kekes” / tupai as you can see in this picture..Bajing dan tupai

The left hand side is Kekes (tupaia javanica) is endemic Indonesia, Conservation status is LC (least concern), and the right side is “Bajing” or coconut squirrel (Callosciurus notatus) with conservation status LC (Least concern). This two although looks the same… it is totally different species and they have different diet too… Tupai will eat more bugs and insect, while squirrel eat more of fruits

That is my first hunting experience… Cheers for now…

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