My new year resolution

Why bother having a new year resolution if we know that we will break it anyway… Resolution is a promise to our self and it will be easy to break it because there are no consequences what so ever. But  I strongly believe that new year resolution is still good for us, at least it will give a sense of direction where to go or what to do.

My resolution for this year are as follows:

  • Exercise four times a month minimum
  • Write article four times a month, minimum
  • Saving at least 20% from monthly salary

That is all my resolution this year…. will I break it..? probably yes, but to make it fun.. I will add consequences in this resolution.. if I fail two out of three above, in any given month.. I will treat a girl a nice dinner… :).

So it always win win situation… if I can do all the resolution in a month… its good for me.. if not… a girl will be lucky hopefully I will be lucky too. :).

So there are my resolutions.. what is yours…?

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