Tips: Bring your note to bed…

This tips is inspired by @5era ‘s twitt few days ago… here is what she said

I replied that “my magical place is toilet”, but I quickly found out that it is not true… Toilet is the place where I got most of the crazy Ideas and day dreaming on how great I am and how I can save the world from global warming or how I can save Palestinian from Israeli occupation.

But when I am in bed… I remember a lot of things that I should do but have not done it… like : I should send package, should wash my motorbike, things I forgot to buy during monthly grocery shopping, even I can remember trivial things.. like, its time to polish my shoes… or a great idea about what I am going to post in this blog tomorrow..

The difference with the toilet time is ” the bed time I remember the actual things I NEED TO DO or something I CAN DO… but since I am already in bed… I won’t do it now maybe tomorrow.  And guess what… when I woke up, I won’t remember a thing..almost all is gone…, and none of them will be done…

notesIf it is happened to me, happened to @5era, I am very sure it happened to you too…  it’s a shame isn’t it… you wish you can remember all of the thing when you are woke up… I have one tips that we all need to try… keep a note and a pen by the bed or bring gadget for note taking.

I have tried it and I find it it is very helpful. Just write down everything you remember about things that you need to do tomorrow or anything that make you worried (i.e, client might angry not getting report in time) or any great ideas that comes up in your mind. I strongly suggest this for two HUGE-HUGE benefits  which are:

One: It clears out everything from your head so you do not need to remember anything during your sleep (you will fail it anyway). This will give you piece of mind and assurance that you will remember it tomorrow, and I guarantee you will have much better sleep quality.

Two: Tomorrow you can start sorting out things that you need to do, make priorities…. and again I can guarantee you, your day will be much more efficient..

BUT… I can imagine that bringing a gadget to bed probably not a good idea for couples you know why.. :). However you probably can talk to your spouse that you bring it only for taking notes and ideas… you may be can offer jotting down his or her ideas or things that your spouse need to do…

When you are done with the gadget, put the gadget away, and you can start “jotting down” something else… I am sure you know my drift… ha ha ha…

Jakarta… got the idea to post this article in bed


  1. my additional suggestions:
    1) stock up several pens and stickies in various easy to reach but not too obvious places if you have kids. I’d say about 3 pens/stickies per kids. A decoy might work tho.

    2) forget unusual abbreviation you THINK you’ll understand tomorrow. Write in full or not at all.

    3) learn to read your partner. you might missed, ummm, more exciting ‘revelation’ over grocery list.

    oh, and don’t be stupid like me and reveal my bday gift for wifey or my planned purchased of airgun gears.

    good blog entry sir.

  2. It happens to me too. I always remember things i can and should do when i’m about to sleep. Thank God i still can remember some of those when i wake up :)

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