HW77 is no match for this

Despite my busy-ness as new employee, I am trying to spend sometime enjoying my Air Gun Hoby. As you may aware I only have Weihrauch HW77. In January there is an tournament “Pangdam Jaya Cup 2013” unfortunately the airgun section is only for PCP class and no spring class… but nonetheless I register my gun and become one of the participants…

certainly my score is at the very bottom, but that is not the point. the point is I am enjoying the game and meeting a lot of friends from other area in this competition, here are the pictures:

VVIP- the T-Shirt says it all

The T-shirt says it all about this tournament

Judges - Pistol

Judges are ready all judges are from the army

Air Gun rack

Collection of Airgun… None of them are below US$ 1000

Bench rest

Bench rest class, target is only 25 meters away..


Taking aim one of the high score, No brand air gun but very accurate

Senior participant

Senior and have very good eye… No brand air gun

BR250 Target

here is the target for bench rest… if you say this would be easy you should try it

Air tank refill station

Free air tank refill for all participants… HW77 does not need this.. :)


Standing position… metal silhouette target

Woman and P70

FWB P70 beautiful air gun and beautiful shooter


Zeroing his air gun…

The winner of the tournament is a guy called Volker, unfortunately I do not have picture of him… I can I


  1. Saya juga baru baru ini kena racun pcp, sudah berhasil meminang benjamin marauder ori dengan menabung tapi sayang cuma main sendiri. Saya di pasarminggu jakarta selatan

    1. dari nilai maximum 400 dapatnya 220… pakai senapan per loh… :D (alesan) si volker kalau gak salah 360… cuma missed 4 dari 40x target. kalau PCP duitnya belum akan diarahkan kesana… meski racunnya kencang.. :D

      1. udah hebat tuh. kalo saya yang susah (sekaligus) tantangan pake springer ya emang konsentrasi dan konsistensi shot to shot. 4 shot bagus, 5th shot bikin grouping ancur. biasanya sih begitu hehehehe.

        saya udah kena ni racun pcp…..

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