The God Mother in office (politics)

Posting an article is becoming a challenge now due to a lot of things to do in my new job. Here in my new job I have one boss which I call her the God Mother. She is Indonesian, very well educated (was studying abroad), has very fluent English and already with the company for more than 15 years.

Since she has been in here for quite longtime, she knows a lot about the company especially in this department. I refer her as God Mother because she know the power that she has and she quite enjoying the power play.  She is very protective about the department especially her team if you close to her, you will enjoy her protection, on the other hand If you are not part of her team, you will be a secondary citizen in this department. Or if she does not like you, I will guarantee that you will have miserable life. She is that powerful…! so every body is afraid to her, including other leaders.

She is one of the strongest in the office politics, now I am witnessing the true fine example of how the office politics will be played, and i will posted in my blog, certainly with all real name removed… using the following Icon, the character of the God Mother is as follows:


Office politics characters courtesy

Her character will fit the following icon:

  • Office know all (because she is in this department for so long)
  • Office fascist (believe me she is)
  • Sometime Bully (to those she does not like)

For now on I call her Mrs GM, this story will continue :)

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