I am Back

After few months of the tortured-learning in corporate life… I do have good times here, one thing that I learn:  big corporations are generally greedy… everyday, every single hour what they think is how to get more margin, more revenue, cost saving, kill competitors, if that means we need to lie to our consumer, lets make it white lies, if we can squeeze some cost saving through employee lets be it, God bless the cheap labor.

Not very positive thinking but here I am being part of the system and lets play along.. :). Monthly salary is nice, I do what I suppose to do… bit of extra mile here and there, showing a can do attitude and eagerness to learn is sure way  to keep my job intact.. :) That is not hard to do, I don’t even have to fake it, as learning something new, is something I enjoy. 

Anyway just I want to say I am back, after partying all night long, survived, and I am accepted as part of the gang eh team with a single focus : to get you as our consumer.. ;). 


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