Story of Working-Too-Hard Colleague

I have a colleague that is very dedicated to her (lets call her Amy) work.. very dedicated, She works almost every day and night, weekend too, consistently… personal time almost never existed.

She works very fast and quality is good… I think she handle few man job by herself … She never complain… A perfect employee I might say, this company is really lucky to have her, Ward working, cheap, good quality.

Good for company but not good for her, She get divorced 2 years ago, being single mom of two kids… Seems company does not care, she got very slow promotion and  expect even more from her… 

One day she had enough and quit from the current job… ( thanks God she is not committed suicide), it is very interesting to see how the company replace her… First we replaced with someone, senior enough, and similar working experience in the same field… He quickly overwhelmed with the work load… He screaming for help like a cry baby, everything is chaos…  Company add some more (two to be exact), it is still not enough, company shifted some of the job requirement to other department, now the workload is getting manageable…

Despite more people involved, more senior and same level of experience… the respond time is now slowing down very significantly, and the quality of respond is lower than before… and guess what… this team is actually got a lot more appreciation… can you believe it…?

No, I am not making this up, it is true story… I feel sad for her and I promised not to sacrifice my happiness or family for the job… I do not want to be like her…


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