Working your ass off and no one recognize it…

Have few friends in the company, they have been working for quite long time and suddenly they being let go…  for one reason and one reason only… office politics. Of course company not so bluntly saying that, it just that they give very bad performance score, just to get rid of them.

They are in my opinion a working hard, honest and respectful person, but the company decided to let them go and replaced by new talents brought by new boss. I wonder about my self, why they not let me go as well, I think the answer is :the position that I am in now is not significant (enough to be able to threaten the new regime).

Can you imagine, you have been working very hard for the company, sometime neglecting the family, or you forgotten to have boy or girl friend in your life, and suddenly BAM..! all gone… you are left alone cold and don’t know what to do… It is sad to know some of your friends get kicked out,  it sadden me even more to know that instead recognition that they got for their hard working, they got nasty humiliation…

Now, my idealism of working hard, honest and be star performer to  stay on the job is just got out of the window…? As of per today, staying on the job will never be my goal… ever again… Job security does not exist… if you want to have a job security.. have your own company… period.

The way of thinking need to be change.. I am here not for working, but I am here for learning…! if I done learning (meaning the learning curve is flatten / no new things that excite me) I need to move on… either move up to new position and learn new trick or move to other division or… if there is no position up or other division… then I can join to another company…

That’s how to beat the office politics, I do not want to kiss ass which usually a good way to stay in the job… but I want to kick their sorry ass before they kick mine… one more thing.. do not sacrifice your personal happiness to save your ass from getting kicked out…

Surabaya… setelah perpisahan makan siang

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