Bisakah anda mendapatkan uang dari street photography?

Jawabannya adalah Tidak…  No..!

  • You will not sell a single picture of your snapshot although you can if it is not for commercial ad
  • You will not running a workshop on street photography because Erick kim and bunch others already do that
  • You will not make a book and selling it because steve mccurry and other masters already do that
  • You will not put your picture in gallery because all of other masters already do that
  • You will not sell your pictures to news paper or magazine… because they have their own photographer
  • You will not think your picture as art.. it is not…
  • You will not think that your picture is documentary… it is not
  • You will not make a blog to make money on writing about street photography… because I am doing it now… :)

Did I discourage you from making money fro street photography..? Tentu saja saya cuma becanda… bcontoh diatas adalah bagaimana anda bisa mendapatkan uang dari street photography, hanya saja memang sulit… other ideas to make money are  as follows..

  • You can train your eyes and reflexes as a photographer
  • You can have network to land you to other photography related job… wedding photographer for example
  • You can have portfolio from your street photography to show your style
  • You can teach photography if you are expert in street photography

You can make money a bit, may be not much… might as well not to expect financial reward from it, and enjoy it…

I hear you ask… why so many famous full time street photographer out there.. let me tell you the secret… “Most of them are already rich”

Got that..? :) Cheers for now..

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