Satu malam di Jogjakarta #streetphotography

Every city has a soul… we are their soul, the city representing us… that’s hat make a city unique, that’s what we as visitor brings home in our heart… this is the second part, you can read the first part here

Riding Becak to drive around the city is the best way to enjoy the city...

Riding Becak to drive around the city is the best way to enjoy the city…

Three wheeler: relic of the past that should not exist anymore… how long can they survive, we don’t know, but in Jogja, they loads of them together wiht horse cart… we call three wheeler Becak, this is the best way to njoy the city, especially during night… I paid US$ 2, to drive around Malioboro, Keraton, back to Malioboro and hotel…

Lesehan or klesetan..?

Lesehan or klesetan..?

Lesehan is eating out on the side of street, without chair… sometime there are street performers too, you can enjoy it in anyway you like… :)

The proper lesehan way...

The proper lesehan way…

The lesehan usually started at 10 PM after shop is closing. actually this occupying public space… but seems we do not really mind … we encourage them in fact.. we enjoy it…

oleh oleh

The famous Oleh-Oleh corner… oleh oleh is Indonesian tradition to bring something specific from an area or city for someone you care… and in Jogja is Bakpia pathok… Chinesse origin…

Bakpia Pathok

I bought 5 of them.. :D, last but not least… you are not visiting Jogjakarta if you have not visit this Keraton… bit of advice.. do it during the day though… its like a haunted place in the night :)


And picture of the youngster… the true soul of the city



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