After 4 years of tweeting….

Today, I looked into my twitter statistics… and I am quite surprise that I have been tweeting for about four years… four years…!!!  Time goes by so fast, seems to me like I just started few months ago…

So, do I enjoy tweeting..? yes I actually enjoy it very much… sometime I bit chatty, sometime quiet… depends on the mood… I enjoy it up to the point that I forgot writing blog… not totally forgotten but lazily updating the blog… because I can easily tweet whatever comes to my mind.

what I particularly like about twitter is the interaction… twitter is actually bring new friends…  you can ask, they’ll answer, you can twitt your thoughts some will agree and Retweet, some does not agree and discuss, few time we have disagreement and do what so called twittwar.. :). all in all is fun… :), So after four years… how many followers I have got..? here it is… :)

Follower as per 9-23-2014

Follower as per 9-23-2014


350 Followers so far… that’s lame… I know…  someone will get 1000 or more follower in four years… well I don’t really care about the number of followers, as I said, I care more about the interactions… I don’t really see my twitt as a powerful one or will energize or motivate them in anyway… but if I can make them smile… I would be very happy… if that happened, usually they will respond in a way that it makes me smile too… I may not be a good looking person, but I certainly fun to be a friend… as I said in my current bio…


If you ever wonder why I only twitt less than 1000, I actually deleted my twitt regularly… I do not want to put my spontaneous thoughts in internet forever, people change, you change me change… so better keep the twitt as update as possible to represent the current us… So that is my four years of tweeting… I hope you enjoy as much as me…

Jakarta, Four years after my first twitt…



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