Have a friend..!

Very interesting topic today with my new boss… dia terkenal sangat Pushy dan get things done… beat things up :) tapi tadi pas one on one pertanyaan pertama yang dia tanyakan adalah : dari semua orang di kantor ini, siapa yang kamu anggap sebagai teman dekat…

I frowned a bit and asked… why you ask that..??? I can mention any name and all of them are my friends… but I am more interested in why do you ask me that..?

He said… in the end of the day… the friend are the one that keep us going trough… so I want everyone has at least one very close friend…

So who is your friend here then… I asked, He said I don’t know, I just new in here… you want to be one… I dont mind… quickly answer it… :)

Lets talk one on one over coffee then… :)

Jakarta, my first morning coffee with the new boss….

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