#30haribercerita: What project are you currently On…?


  • Watching youtube for leisure is not a project, making youtube content is…
  • Playing game for leisure is not a project, trying to be a pro in e-sport is…
  • Watching TV is not a project, being consumer is not a project, not being able to upgrade personal capacity and capabilities is not a project.

So what project are you currently on…? what things you do to upgrade yourself…? what things you do to make your life better…? Everything else is diversion… We do need diversion sometimes its kind a vacation from working hard, but too much of it will make our life stuck.

Its easy and enjoyable watching youtube, playing medsos, being a consumer, but… don’t be someone who woke up someday, and wondering why time flies fast but our life is not moving on… stuck…

Jakarta, feeling empty at heart… and stomach

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