Beberapa minggu lalu sebelum masuk ramadhan, beberapa teman mengajak berburu tupai lagi… seperti bisasa saya membawa HW77 (karena memang itu yang saya punya)

Tidak sempat banyak foto… berikut ini adalah beberapa diantaranya…

Ini adalah pertama kali saya melihat bajing yang giginya tonggos seperti ini.. katanya yang begini umurnya sudah tua..

Ini adalah pertama kali saya melihat bajing yang giginya tonggos seperti ini.. katanya yang begini umurnya sudah tua..

Hasil perburuan

Dan ini adalah hasil perburuan kita, kira2 sekitar 20 an ekor… semua kami masak dan dimakan, hewan ini talh menjadi hama di perkebunan kelapa daerah jawa barat… sehingga perburuan ini tidak mengancam ekosistem



HW77 is no match for this

Despite my busy-ness as new employee, I am trying to spend sometime enjoying my Air Gun Hoby. As you may aware I only have Weihrauch HW77. In January there is an tournament “Pangdam Jaya Cup 2013” unfortunately the airgun section is only for PCP class and no spring class… but nonetheless I register my gun and become one of the participants…

certainly my score is at the very bottom, but that is not the point. the point is I am enjoying the game and meeting a lot of friends from other area in this competition, here are the pictures:

VVIP- the T-Shirt says it all

The T-shirt says it all about this tournament

Judges - Pistol

Judges are ready all judges are from the army

Air Gun rack

Collection of Airgun… None of them are below US$ 1000

Bench rest

Bench rest class, target is only 25 meters away..


Taking aim one of the high score, No brand air gun but very accurate

Senior participant

Senior and have very good eye… No brand air gun

BR250 Target

here is the target for bench rest… if you say this would be easy you should try it

Air tank refill station

Free air tank refill for all participants… HW77 does not need this.. :)


Standing position… metal silhouette target

Woman and P70

FWB P70 beautiful air gun and beautiful shooter


Zeroing his air gun…

The winner of the tournament is a guy called Volker, unfortunately I do not have picture of him… I can I

Personal opinion : Surat Ijin Senapan Angin Masih Rancu

fwb800Hari ini saya berbicara dengan beberapa orang yang sedikit banyak mengetahui tentang peraturan baru tentang senapan angin dan air soft ini. Beliau tidak mau disebut namanya dan berikut ini adalah personal opini beliau.

1. Sebenarnya Perkab ini dilakukan untuk menertibkan senjata airsoftgun yang sering dipakai untuk tindak kejahatan. Air soft gun meskipun kemungkinan membunuhnya kecil, tetapi bisa dipakai untuk menodong. Dalam keadaan panik seseorang tidak akan bisa mengetahui apakah itu senjata replica atau sungguhan karena bentuknya sangat mirip. Continue reading

peraturan / Legalitas senapan angin dan airsoft gun

Artikel ini saya peruntukan untuk mengupdate tentang peraturan penggunaan Senapan Angin dan Airsoftgun:

Q: Legalkah menggunakan senapan angin dan juga Airsoft Gun di Indonesia?

A: Penggunaan Senapan angin dan juga airsoft gun untuk semua kaliber, Semua bentuk, Semua Jenis (tanpa kecuali) adalah Illegal…! kecuali :

  • Memiliki Ijin
  • Digunakan di tempat yang sudah di tentukan (di lapangan tembak)
  • Digunakan untuk tembak sasaran Target (senapan angin 4.5mm) dan tembak reaksi utk Airsoftgun

Secara hukum, ketiga syarat diatas harus dipenuhi untuk memakai senapan angin dan airsoft gun. Sesuai dengan Perkap (peraturan kapolri) no. 8 tahun 2012. Continue reading

Airgun: Hunting with HW77 – contain graphic image

After few times I visited local range, few of airgun friends ask me to join squirrel hunting.. at first I hesitate because I don’t really into hunting, I prefer them to live and coexist with us, but they convinced me that squirrel is becoming a big problem (pest) in the coconut plantation somewhere in W. Java. So I will not do any harm taking out few of them and I will actually help the coconut farmer. It seems legit and correct according to definition of “pest”,  I finally agree to join in the hunting trip. Continue reading

New LG110 FT long barrel

Today I am fortunate enough to have a chance holding and trying the NEW STEYR LG110FT. It is a beautiful air rifle, but it is very expensive too… very-very expensive I might add… In Indonesia it will cost around US$ 4.000. Can you imagine that.. US$ 4.000..! just for an AirGun 0.177 caliber.

The barrel and air cylinder is longer than old one… around 10cm longer, thus it capable to produce more power and shot count. Some says that it will give 30% more shat count and additional 40ft/s velocity for the same setting compare to the older LG110 FT

Barrel and Air cylinder

Barrel and Air cylinder without air stripper

I don’t want to write a lot about this airgun, but here is the rest of the picture for you…

No more "waffen"

No more “waffen”, Steyr drop the word waffen and emphasis the “sport”.

New LG110 FT-5

Vo Adjuster, you can adjust velocity without dismantling the Gun, just turn that adjuster to fine tune your gun.. very neat..

24 joule Port

24 joule Port, For UK reader… You won’t get (black) type of port… only the silver and gold port.. but it does not mean better :)

Proudly Branded

Proudly Branded

Air stripper

Air stripper, the owner remove it from the barrel just to see if there is any significant difference… He said: No difference, but its there for a reason don’t you think…?

2011 LG110FT long barrel

2011 LG110FT long barrel: The new hamster, some like it some is not… me.. I prefer the older one

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT. The new butt hook to compensate the front heavy gun… hook it in your armpit and you can shoot off hand comfortably

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

I will write about the accuracy and the handling later… anything you want to know about this gun..? let me know your question in the comment below…

Cheers for now

Update tuning HW77 after 500 pellets

Now the gun is already past 500 pellets after the full power tune, this is what happened:

  1. The vibration (twang) is back quite noticable… not sure what happened, should I dismantle it to check if something is broken..?
  2. A lot of dieseling on the first 100 pellets… that is explain a lot faster velocity for the crosman premier 7.9 gr, after dieseling subsided the gun is no longer like the JSB exact heavies, it prefers Crosman premier 7.9 again…! :)
  3. The velocity is still higher compare to the pre-tune, I notice a flatter trajectory compare to pretune…
  4. Still cock harder than pre-tune.

Now, if I have stop now… my recommendation for this target tunes kit is good to improve hunting capabilities of HW77. Not for FT due to the twang or vibration is still quite noticeable.

Yesterday my friend borrow this gun for dove hunting (legal hunting), he got few of them…if you not into hunting please do not click this… graphic image. For the record, I prefer birds to live and sing, but I am not anti (sensible and responsible) hunting…

In search of the best pellet for full power tuned HW77

After tuning my HW77 by replacing its spring, spring guide, added top head and sleeve… The power seems significantly increase… but as you might aware, the power means nothing if it is not accurate / precise. Now I have chance to try my Tuned HW77 in shooting range to see if the accuracy is the same before tuned.

First of all, this is the accuracy at 27 meters using Crosman premier 7.9 gr , let’s use it as the base or bench mark, BTW the coin is exactly 1 inch diameter

Continue reading