Air gun

Kenapa Street Photography

Saya memulai street fotografi ini beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya bahkan tidak tahu kenapa hal itu saya lakukan…  “seems cool dan why not”, mungkin itu adalah hal yang terpikirkan saat saya ingin memulai hobi ini. mungkin perlu diketahui juga salah satu hobi yang saya punya adalah senapan angin.

Dari kedua hobi tersebut saya mungkin bisa menyimpulkan beberapa hal membuat saya tertarik untuk melakukan street photography ini.

  • Saya suka outdoor activity : kedua hobi ini tidak bisa dilakukan di dalam rumah… harus ke luar, kepanasan, keringatan… thats what I love doing, yang sayangnya kesibukan kantor membuat waktu jalan sangat sedikit… anda tak bisa membawa senapan angin tembak tembak sana sini 5 menit dan pulang… kecuali anda psikopat :)
  • Kalau ada dua tipe manusia di dunia ini yang satu adalah hunter dan yang lain adalah farmer, maka saya lebih ke tipe yang pertama. I love hunting, seperti anda lihat di blog ini juga saya berburu Bajing / tupai… tapi saya juga sangat memikirkan keseimbangan alam, jadi berburu tupai saya harus ke area yang populasi tupainya sangat tinggi dan tidak balance… dan itu tidak dekat, harus menginap pula… Dengan kamera, anda bisa melakukannya kapan saja… bahkan bila semakin sering kita mengambil gambar, semakin kita “preserve the moment” tanpa kita merusak habitat.
  • Dengan street photography, anda “dipaksa” untuk berhenti sejenak, melihat keindahan sekitar, appreciate little things… dan mengambil gambar itu untuk bisa anda atau orang lain kenang nantinya… Dalam gaya hidup sekarang yang sangat diperlukan kecepatan, bahkan 24jam seperti tak cukup… hal ini dapat membuat kira fresh dan mengurangi stress… dan kita tahu dalam stress kemungkinan kita membuat kesalahan besar adalah tinggi…
  • Dengan Street Photography, kita mengambil gambar yang menurut kita layak diabadikan, bukan karena orang lain mengatakannya… kita menjadi diri sendiri, photo kita adalah bagaimana kita melihat alam sekitar, yang meruapakan pancaran dari jiwa kita… it is a diary of the ways we see the world… a diary of the wonderful and beautiful slices of everyday life even if it is sad moment…
  • Most of all… I can conclude.. I enjoy it… and I think I will have this hobby for long time, hence it deserve  a new category in this blog…

Just to show you how I see something that I think it is beautiful but may be not for you… here is the picture…:


When I see it, this is actually the first light after few days we have hard rain, cloudy sky…  gloomy days… it is one of the beautiful day in the morning… a fine day to walk and enjoy… but most of us will missed it because we are worried to be late at the office…

This picture also showing that this one particular tree, is not happy to be restricted by man made container… slowly it breaks free, something that it should celebrate if it were human… I took it to freeze the moment, before we cut down the tree because it dare to challenge us – human. or make much stronger container to held it back.. It is representation of us as human, wants to control everything even controlling mother nature…

Thats how I appreciate this picture, that is why I took the picture… nothing to do with you or any other person… that’s how I see it, that is my diary of that day…

Cheers for now


HW77 is no match for this

Despite my busy-ness as new employee, I am trying to spend sometime enjoying my Air Gun Hoby. As you may aware I only have Weihrauch HW77. In January there is an tournament “Pangdam Jaya Cup 2013” unfortunately the airgun section is only for PCP class and no spring class… but nonetheless I register my gun and become one of the participants…

certainly my score is at the very bottom, but that is not the point. the point is I am enjoying the game and meeting a lot of friends from other area in this competition, here are the pictures:

VVIP- the T-Shirt says it all

The T-shirt says it all about this tournament

Judges - Pistol

Judges are ready all judges are from the army

Air Gun rack

Collection of Airgun… None of them are below US$ 1000

Bench rest

Bench rest class, target is only 25 meters away..


Taking aim one of the high score, No brand air gun but very accurate

Senior participant

Senior and have very good eye… No brand air gun

BR250 Target

here is the target for bench rest… if you say this would be easy you should try it

Air tank refill station

Free air tank refill for all participants… HW77 does not need this.. :)


Standing position… metal silhouette target

Woman and P70

FWB P70 beautiful air gun and beautiful shooter


Zeroing his air gun…

The winner of the tournament is a guy called Volker, unfortunately I do not have picture of him… I can I

New LG110 FT long barrel

Today I am fortunate enough to have a chance holding and trying the NEW STEYR LG110FT. It is a beautiful air rifle, but it is very expensive too… very-very expensive I might add… In Indonesia it will cost around US$ 4.000. Can you imagine that.. US$ 4.000..! just for an AirGun 0.177 caliber.

The barrel and air cylinder is longer than old one… around 10cm longer, thus it capable to produce more power and shot count. Some says that it will give 30% more shat count and additional 40ft/s velocity for the same setting compare to the older LG110 FT

Barrel and Air cylinder

Barrel and Air cylinder without air stripper

I don’t want to write a lot about this airgun, but here is the rest of the picture for you…

No more "waffen"

No more “waffen”, Steyr drop the word waffen and emphasis the “sport”.

New LG110 FT-5

Vo Adjuster, you can adjust velocity without dismantling the Gun, just turn that adjuster to fine tune your gun.. very neat..

24 joule Port

24 joule Port, For UK reader… You won’t get (black) type of port… only the silver and gold port.. but it does not mean better :)

Proudly Branded

Proudly Branded

Air stripper

Air stripper, the owner remove it from the barrel just to see if there is any significant difference… He said: No difference, but its there for a reason don’t you think…?

2011 LG110FT long barrel

2011 LG110FT long barrel: The new hamster, some like it some is not… me.. I prefer the older one

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT. The new butt hook to compensate the front heavy gun… hook it in your armpit and you can shoot off hand comfortably

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

I will write about the accuracy and the handling later… anything you want to know about this gun..? let me know your question in the comment below…

Cheers for now

I am Into airgun Hobby now.. :)

Let’s have a break from the politic noise for a bit.. and talk about my new hobby.. :).  I am starting my new hobby which is air gun… After few weeks looking and trying some airgun type and reading lots of blog and article about airgun, I have few conclusion on what air gun I am going to get..

1. It should be a spring air rifle

I have tried many PCP air gun, from very expensive one (Feinwerkbau, EV2, Steyr etc)  and Locals made by Indonesian in Cipacing … They are really great, I mean Greeeaaat… I can shoot relatively small diameter in 50 meters, it smooth its crisp, its very acurate… but… it is boring as hell… the kind of feeling that you succeeded every time you try… 10 years kid will be able to do it.. :).

I also tried spring air rifle… this rifle has completely different attitude… its kicking, its spitting, and there is a good chance that t will bite and amputate your finger if you are not careful… but that kind of attitude challenge me… its like you have to break a wild horse.. :), so yea this is the airgun for me.

2. It should be fixed barrel

Simply for the accuracy… not that break barrel not accurate, but I find the fixed barrel will eliminate the chance of barrel droop

3. It should be high quality

After so many article reading… my choice come to only two brands… HW77 and TX200 make III. But I do not know where to buy those two… I went to pasar baru and they have few stock brand new HW77… but my best friend told me that HW77 in pasar baru is already tampered, the change the spring, change the stock etc… and its very expensive too… My choice would be TX200 if I can get one and second choice is HW77…. nothing else..!

this is HW77

And this is TX200