New LG110 FT long barrel

Today I am fortunate enough to have a chance holding and trying the NEW STEYR LG110FT. It is a beautiful air rifle, but it is very expensive too… very-very expensive I might add… In Indonesia it will cost around US$ 4.000. Can you imagine that.. US$ 4.000..! just for an AirGun 0.177 caliber.

The barrel and air cylinder is longer than old one… around 10cm longer, thus it capable to produce more power and shot count. Some says that it will give 30% more shat count and additional 40ft/s velocity for the same setting compare to the older LG110 FT

Barrel and Air cylinder

Barrel and Air cylinder without air stripper

I don’t want to write a lot about this airgun, but here is the rest of the picture for you…

No more "waffen"

No more “waffen”, Steyr drop the word waffen and emphasis the “sport”.

New LG110 FT-5

Vo Adjuster, you can adjust velocity without dismantling the Gun, just turn that adjuster to fine tune your gun.. very neat..

24 joule Port

24 joule Port, For UK reader… You won’t get (black) type of port… only the silver and gold port.. but it does not mean better :)

Proudly Branded

Proudly Branded

Air stripper

Air stripper, the owner remove it from the barrel just to see if there is any significant difference… He said: No difference, but its there for a reason don’t you think…?

2011 LG110FT long barrel

2011 LG110FT long barrel: The new hamster, some like it some is not… me.. I prefer the older one

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT

Full Picture of 2011 LG110 FT. The new butt hook to compensate the front heavy gun… hook it in your armpit and you can shoot off hand comfortably

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

That long..! even without air stripper and butthook

I will write about the accuracy and the handling later… anything you want to know about this gun..? let me know your question in the comment below…

Cheers for now