Holding a bird… in golf and everything else in life

A friend of mine is an avid golfer… you know golf…  a silly game that people trying to put a ball into the hole and keep the stick outside… and he pay very expensive money to play… for me, Id rather play a game that we try to put the stick into the hole and keep the ball outside.. :)

Anyway, he taught me on how to play golf, and first thing he taught me is how to properly handle the stick (or club as he says it), “Hold it like you holding a bird” he said, “too loose the bird will fly, too tight the bird will die suffocated, either way you will say goodbye to the bird” and he continues on “yes we name our good score as birds… Birdie, Eagle and Albatross”.

Hold it like you holding a bird… an expression that stick in my mind… doesn’t it applies to almost everything else in life..? Say money… holding it too tight we will loose the enjoyment of using it and share it to make someone else happy… too loose and we will spend in unnecessary thing and spend more than we can…

Also applies in our love life, kids, spouse or friends… Holding it too tight, over jealousy, over protective only resulting of rejection, they will want their freedom back… no one wants to be kept captive, in a cage, as a property… but holding it too loose can be seen as ignorance, careless, we will loose them too… no one will love us back if we do not show to them our sincere love and care

This remind me of Golumn… you know the “Lord of The Ring” character that dedicated his life to get hold of the ring..? He refer the ring as “my precious”, exactly I can picture myself if I am trying to hold something to tight…


Jakarta… day one after Kelud mountain spew Ashes to cover most cities in Java


It does not matter if you are NOT good at it..!

But it does matter if you are enjoying it… I can say that I love photography, but I can’t say that I am good at photography. I probably will never take picture that I can sell, but that is OK… I enjoy taking picture… and I have decent cameras and lenses

May sense of art is weak… I spend many many hours reading, taking photography class and trying to implement everything I learn but the result will way far behind other photographer who took picture with much inferior gear.

I am still taking pictures although I know I am not good at it, simply because I am enjoying it. Knowing this is actually is a good thing… because it gives me no pressure, I am taking a picture, because I like it, not because I do it for somebody else, nor the money, not the fame… just for me

Moral of the story is.. do not stop doing what you like even if people other than you, think it waste of your time… it is your time not theirs, enjoy every moment of it.. !