I am Under Pressure…!

I am currently under immense pressure… not from work related, not from finance related…but from Testosterone… (there I said it.. ! LOL).

The symptom is as the following… : You will be very sensitive to sensual cues… by sensitive means you easily aroused when you see a sexy lady. Problem is you can not do anything about it.. even you can not starring at it… it will not nice and not polite. It is like you are in the candy / ice cream store, but you can only see them in a glance… act like you are not interested to them… no touching, no starring let alone eat it… it is very torturing, you can not have a good sleep anymore, you will often get wet dream and have increase Libido at seemingly wrong time.

I personally think that we need to have some kind of survival skills facing this kind of pressure… but most of us especially in our country, we are given none and expect to be able to sort it out our self…

It is not fair if I said our community and parents do not give us hints… they are… in my case I have given this clues..:

  • I can not have coitus / intercourse before marriage, it is a big NO NO… if I ever broke this rule, I will go straight to hell, in fact I will denied from any forgiveness…
  • I can not masturbate… again it is a sin… but it seems a lesser sin compare to the above
  • I can go fasting as it will suppress the libido
  • I can go to gym or exercise as it will also suppress the said hormone

I have tried the two ( fasting and exercising)  whoever said the above, they are underestimating the hormone… especially when you go to gym, gym is actually a candy/ice cream super mega store…! instead of suppressing it, the hormone is actually kicking very hard…! nothing is more sensual than a girl sweating in yoga pants…

What to do :  taking the clues above, seems to me I will still be forgiven as long as I do not cross the line… which is intercourse without marriage… so… I only have one choice which is Masturbating… isn’t it obvious..? :) so why I even write a blog about it… I raised with a lot of the do and dont’s which sometimes confuse me, may be confused few people out there… hope this at least give them assurance that they are not alone and I can offer a “solution”.. :)

With regards to the hormone, we all need this hormone for the survival of mankind, we should enjoy it and glad to have it as part of our system. We only need to have a healthy way to vent it when it kicks in…  thats what I want to say… For those Gals who wearing panties, low “V” neck, wearing no bra outside … on behalf of the guys… I would like to say thank you… sincerely… :)